Defending New Jersey Attorney Ethics Complaints

defending attorney ethics complaints

The Nissenbaum Law Group defends New Jersey attorneys accused of breaching the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern attorney ethics.

Defense of Attorney Ethics Matters

Mr. Nissenbaum was a member of the District XII Ethics Committee for five years. Ultimately, he was appointed Vice Chairman, and later Chairman, of the Committee in 2006/2007. During his tenure on the Committee, Mr. Nissenbaum gained experience investigating ethics grievances; supervising grievance investigations; and conducting hearings relating to grievances that had reached the complaint stage. These hearings involved allegations of serious ethical infractions. As of September 1, 2007, Mr. Nissenbaum completed his term with the District XII Ethics Committee and was thereafter available to defend attorneys accused of ethical infractions.

Over the years, Mr. Nissenbaum has defended a number of attorneys who were the subject of ethics grievances. These matters have run the gamut from submissions to the Office of Attorney Ethics at the investigatory stage; formal positions taken in verified answers at the ethics complaint stage; and handing full-blown contested hearings.

There is more than one way to defend against accusations of ethical infractions. Often the early submission of relevant documentation adducing overlooked facts will resolve the matter at the investigatory stage. In other situations, there will be a hearing, and the matter will proceed thereafter to the Disciplinary Review Board and ultimately the Supreme Court of New Jersey. The key is that each matter is unique and requires a nuanced and customized approach.

Mr. Nissenbaum is also available to act as an expert witness at ethics hearings. His background as a member, and ultimate vice-chair and chair of the District XII Ethics Committee, coupled with his more than thirty years of legal experience, render him exceedingly qualified to be retained as an expert witness.

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