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The challenge for modern commercial law firms is both to obtain the right answer for their business clients and to do so in a cost-effective way. The Nissenbaum Law Group has kept up with this dynamic environment and become a recognized leader in the legal field, representing clients largely, though not exclusively, in complex commercial litigation and business transactions.

The firm was formed in 1997 and has its principal office in New Jersey. In the intervening years, the firm's practice also has grown to include offices in New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. Indeed, its practice has extended beyond those states by utilizing the American Bar Association's multi-jurisdictional practice rules. The key for the Nissenbaum Law Group has been to drill down in the area of complex commercial law so as to provide its clients with the range of knowledge necessary to handle the complicated issues facing businesses in the twenty-first century.

While it is true that the typical multi-state practice is usually found in medium and large law firms, the Nissenbaum Law Group has been able to provide its clients with a choice of offices in four states without adding excessive legal personnel. Since the firm is principally committed to one area of practice: namely, full service commercial law, it has been able to create a spare, collaboratively-focused legal team.

Indeed, the firm’s growth has been largely geographical rather than in an expanding head count. Given that the firm’s clients often freely conduct business across state lines, the firm’s multi-state offering has provided a particularly helpful alternative for those clients.

Wherever the firm practices, its polestar is responsiveness. The goal is always to return clients' calls or emails by the next business day or sooner.

National Practice

Although the Nissenbaum Law Group has offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas, that is not the end of the story. The firm prides itself on its ability to handle cases in certain states where it does not have offices. This is essential for a full-service commercial law firm that has clients doing business across state borders. Such clients need their attorneys to represent them across such borders.

Most people assume that if an attorney is not licensed in a particular state, he or she cannot practice there. In fact, that is not always the case. There have been many changes to the rules that govern legal practice, and now an attorney’s services often stretch across state lines.

Generally speaking, these changes have been effectuated through the Multi-Jurisdictional Rules of Professional Conduct. They stem from a model template promulgated by the American Bar Association a number of years ago and submitted to the Bars of all fifty states. These rules were adopted by a surprising number of those states. The decision generally rested upon an acknowledgment that although it was important to maintain the integrity a particular state’s Bar, there would be a corresponding benefit to clients nationwide if they were able to utilize one attorney in multiple states.

The Nissenbaum Law Group has utilized the multi-jurisdiction rules to handle transactions in a number of other states, such as Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota and Georgia, to name just a few. The list of states in which the firm has practiced continues to grow.

There are also other rules that allow out-of-state attorneys to handle lawsuits in jurisdictions in which they are not licensed. Those procedures authorize attorneys to obtain permission from the court in which a lawsuit is pending for admission on a "pro hac vice" basis. The Nissenbaum Law Group has availed itself of this procedure in such states as Florida, Texas and Ohio.

Firm Philosophy

Every client knows how difficult it is to choose the right lawyer for his or her particular legal matter. It is more than simply evaluating what law school or law firm an attorney has written on his resume; it is more personal than that.

A client should ask whether this is someone who will not only take my case seriously, but also take me seriously? Is this someone with whom I can truly communicate? We believe that is the very first quality a prospective client should look for, and it is the key to obtaining the right representation.

We Return Our Clients' Phone Calls and Emails.

That is the cornerstone of our practice philosophy. To repeat, We return our clients' phone calls and emails.

It sounds like a simple thing, but it is still so vitally important. We communicate with our clients about developments in their matters; we involve our clients in the decision-making process; and we respect our clients' wishes as to how their matters should be handled.

We can do this because we have a focused legal practice largely - though not exclusively - based in the commercial arena. We do not accept every client that seeks our services; in fact, we are selective to the point that we consistently turned away numerous fee-based matters because they simply are not the right fit for our firm.

We limit our clients in this way so that, once we do enter into a retainer agreement, we can provide that client's matter the time and attention that it truly needs.

In sum, our practice philosophy is the following:

We return our clients' phone calls and emails usually in less than 24 hours.

  • • We will make appointments on nights or weekends in an emergency and can be reached by either email or a paging service.
  • • We employ cutting edge law office technology for the purpose of reducing the billable time charged to our clients.
  • • We utilize paralegal assistance for certain appropriate projects further reducing the billable charges to our clients.
  • • We generally endeavor to communicate with our clients and give them the opportunity of choosing among alternative legal strategies. We honor our clients' right to make their own decisions regarding the course of their legal matters. We strive to respect our clients' ability to decide from among the alternatives we discuss to arrive at the appropriate goal for the representation at each stage.
  • Representative Clients

    Construction/ Home-Commercial Repair/Home Design
    • Large-scale Commercial Construction Contracting
    • Home Contractors
    • Electrical Services
    • Plumbing Services
    • Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services
    • Flood and Fire Restoration
    • Insurance Public Adjustment
    • Burglar Alarm and Security Services
    • Interior Design
    • Steel Working Services
    Entertainment/ Leisure
    • Film Production & Performance
    • Television Production & Performance
    • Music:
      • Hip-Hop
      • R&B
      • Rap
      • Pop
      • Jazz
      • Lounge
    • Literary Arts
    • Modeling
    • Martial Arts School
    • Fitness Center
    • Sports Equipment Sale Company
    • Clothing Designers
    • Film- Actors/Actresses
    • Recording Company
    • Event Planning
    • Publishing
    • Restaurants
    • Physician Group Practice
    • Individual Employee-Physicians
    • Psychotherapy Practice
    • Blood Testing Services
    • Chiropractic Practice
    • Nursing Placement Services
    • Medical Advice Website
    • Real Estate Investment
    • Non Profit Foundations
    • Environmental Remediation and Testing
    • Franchisor / Franchisee Relations
    • Musical Instrument Manufacturer
    • Social Media
    • E-Commerce/ Internet
    • Commercial Air Time Brokerage
    • Telecommunications
    • Cell Tower Construction
    • Paging Services
    • Computer Consulting
    • Software Development
    • Parking Technology
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Parking Control Systems
    • Software Solutions
    • Ice Cream Distribution
    • Cosmetics
    • Marble and Granite Supplier
    • Nutritional Supplements
    • Equipment
    • Green Technology Products
    • Furniture Sales
    • Art Gallery
    • Truck Sale and Leasing and Repair Services
    • Marine Ship Sales and Leasing Company
    • Liquor Store
    • IT Consulting
    • Law Firm
    • Graphics Design and Printing
    • Personal Training Business
    • Employment Head Hunter
    • Automotive Repair
    • Limousine Services
    • International Wire Transfer
    • Trucking
    • Courier
    • Branding Consulting
    • Food and Hospitality Services
    • Envelope Printing
    • Food Transportation
    • Mortgage Brokerage

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