In June 2012, the New York Jets and New York Giants filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court, arguing that the American Dream Meadowlands project would cause unbearable traffic on game days.  The teams argued that the additional attractions and additional traffic at the complex would impede football fans’ enjoyment of the game.  The teams mentioned a 2006 agreement that requires the heads of other projects at the complex to obtain written consent to build anything that would adversely impact the game-day experience of the sports fans.

Among other attractions, the retail complex has already begun being transformed into a waterpark and indoor amusement park.  The developer of the project, Triple Five, is also in the process of securing over one billion ($1,000,000,000.00) in additional financing.

Triple Five is not the only supporter of the project. The Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber’) also feels that the project should continue because it has the potential of creating business opportunities and jobs.  Local politicians are also on board, because they find the current state of the arena unsightly.

Two Bergen County state senators presented the idea of a compromise and making the new entertainment center stay closed on Sundays to clear traffic on the days when the teams would be playing.  However, Triple Five was not happy about the proposal as it could significantly decrease business, considering how many people are only available to enjoy the attractions on weekends.

The Chamber released a concept plan that exposed a prior intention to develop the complex beyond just the MetLife Stadium.  The concept plan included ideas for a convention center, hotels and a casino, that would join the MetLife Stadium, American Dream, the Meadowlands Racetrack and IZOD Center.  If carried out, the plan would allow the region to capitalize on enormous opportunities and an injection of jobs into a depressed employment market.

Since the two sides (the sports teams and the developer of the Meadowlands entertainment project) are at odds about the continuation of the project, it is likely that the litigation will continue.  What the outcome of the lawsuit will be is unknown.


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