In Martin Heller v. Lauren Gardner Trust, No. A-0914-11T2 (N.J. Super. Ct. App. Div. June 27, 2012), the court considered the enforceability of a “put offering notice, by which one or more members could require the other members to buyout their shares.”  The mechanism was straightforward.  It involved the following:

Under the terms of the Agreement, ‘upon receipt of the Put Offering Notice, the responding member shall be obligated to purchase the Membership Interest of the Initiating Member at the purchase price set forth in subsection (b) of this Section 6.03.’

Id. at 3.

In that case, the issue was whether an April 27, 2010 letter from one of the members to the other was enough to invoke the put option.  The letter stated, in part, “as per page 19 paragraph 6.03-Put Option, this letter should be construed as a put offering notice.”  The court determined that the letter was clearly sufficient to invoke the Put.


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