Construction Law: New York Legislation: Licensing Requirements: New York legislators recently amended the County Law governing master electrician licensing in order to provide Dutchess County with the authority to establish a board of examiners for master electricians. Pursuant to this law, the board has the authority to promulgate regulations governing the licensing of master electricians. The County Master Electrician Licensing Law previously only provided this authority to Westchester County.

It is important to keep in mind that New York City already has administrative regulations in place that govern the licensing of master electricians and the performance of electrical work for buildings located in New York City. Specifically, the New York City Electric Code provides that any entity or sole proprietorship who engages in the business of providing electrical work should have at least one licensed master electrician affiliated with the business. Without limitation, to obtain a master electrician licensing, the regulations mandate that the individual pass certain examinations. In addition, the master electrician must be of a certain age and have certain years and/or hours of past experience in performing certain electrical work.


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