New Jersey Legislation:
The New Jersey legislature  recently amended the State Uniform Construction Code Act with regard to construction inspections.  With certain exceptions, the revised law provides that the same inspector must make a follow up inspection on single-family residence inspections, if he previously issued a notice of violation.  Specifically, the revised portions of the law state as follows:

“When an inspector or team of inspectors finds a violation of the provisions of a construction permit, the code, or other applicable laws and regulations at an owner-occupied single family residence, and issues a notice of violation and an order to terminate the violation, the enforcing agency shall require the same inspector or team of inspectors who found the violation to undertake any subsequent reinspection thereof at the premises.  When the same inspector or team of inspectors cannot be assigned to undertake the reinspection, the enforcing agency may assign an available inspector provided the scope of the reinspection shall be limited to the violation for which the reinspection is required.”


However, these requirements to not apply to violations of the plumbing or electrical subcodes, or to fire safety code violations, or to any violation of any other subcode that the Department of Community Affairs deems to be a health or safety violation.

Moreover, the law specifically provides that the property owner may nevertheless request a different inspector, team of inspectors, or supervisor, to perform any required reinspection.