New York Legislation: Crane Inspections: Amendment to the New York Crane Inspector Regulations We previously wrote on this blog about the recently enacted licensing regulations in New York for crane inspectors. See New Law for New York Crane Inspections. However, a June 2009 amendment to the law modifies the consequences of an inspector’s wrongdoing.

Previously, the law provided that a crane inspector could have his license revoked and be prohibited from receiving a new license in the event that he engaged in certain wrongdoing. The law now makes it illegal for an inspector to willfully engage in any of the following:

(a) Failing to inspect a crane for which he filed a report;

(b) Falsifying an inspection report;

(c) Making material misstatements or omissions on an inspection report; and/or

(d) Accepting a bribe.

The law, as revised, now provides for a specific civil remedy. Rather than address those same acts from simply an administrative and licensing standpoint, the amended law provides that a violator can be subject to a penalty of not less than $1,000.00, nor more than $5,000.00, per occurrence or transaction. The penalties are not exhaustive and apply retroactively to the law’s effectuation in November of 2008.


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