Internet Law: New York Legislation: Internet Safety: New York legislators have taken a solid stance in moving to protect children from online predators. They have done so by imposing curriculum requirements relating to Internet safety within the New York Education Law.

Specifically, the new law provides that the Commissioner of Education needs to “develop age-appropriate resources and technical assistance for schools to provide to students in grades three through twelve and their parents or legal guardians concerning the safe and responsible use of the internet. The resources shall include, but not be limited to, information regarding how child predators may use the internet to lure and exploit children, protecting personal information, internet scams and cyber-bullying.”

The new law was imposed with the specific and stated intention of raising “awareness of the need for vigilance and to ensure that students and parents have comprehensive, age appropriate internet safety resources throughout their school tenure that will enable students to maximize the internet’s potential while protecting them from sexual predators and others with malicious intentions.

The law is effective as of September 4, 2008. However, the New York legislature provided the Commissioner with 180 days to develop the resources referenced in the statutory requirement.


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