Complex Commercial Litigation


The firm is available to handle complex commercial litigation lawsuits in both the State and Federal Courts of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. It also represents clients in other states with permission of the Court. These cases run the gamut from breach of contract and fraud to statutory causes of action and injunctions.

The Nissenbaum Law Group's approach to litigation is responsive to its clients' needs and goals. The firm encourages open and continuous communication so that it can assess at every stage what works best for each client. In certain cases, clients may want to take an aggressive, "no holds barred" approach to bringing the matter to trial, while in others, they may wish to take a more conciliatory approach and actively explore settlement. Indeed, sometimes the most appropriate approach is alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. The key is to tailor the approach in accord with each client's preferences and needs.

The firm's commercial litigation practice includes:

  • breach of contract, fraud and business interference matters;
  • construction lawsuits;
  • foreclosure matters;
  • condemnation and eminent domain actions;
  • appearances before local municipal boards;
  • commercial landlord-tenant disputes;
  • collections and commercial lien filings;
  • state and Federal appeals;
  • intellectual Property infringement suits;
  • practice before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board;
  • administrative law proceedings before State and Federal regulatory bodies; and
  • injunctions involving orders to show cause and temporary restraints.
Published Works:

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