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The Nissenbaum Law Group is an accomplished leader in the legal field, having been published in The Huffington Post, the New Jersey Law Journal and many other reputable publications. The firm is largely, though not exclusively, focused in complex commercial law; it provides a full-service solution for businesses and people with business issues. This includes such matters as commercial disputes, corporate and LLC formation, contract negotiation, shareholder issues, legal and regulatory compliance, trademark and copyright filings and sale of businesses. The firm also has significant experience in matters involving trademark, copyright, Internet, app, entertainment, sports and leisure law. The Nissenbaum Law Group has offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas, and also handles legal matters in other states in accordance with prevailing rules and guidelines.

Read on to learn each lawyer's area of focus along with their previous posts and mentions.

Gary D. Nissenbaum, Esq.
Nissenbaum Law Group, LLC
2400 Morris Avenue, Suite 301
Union, New Jersey 07083

Gary D. Nissenbaum, Esq.

Mr. Nissenbaum is the managing attorney and founding principal of the Nissenbaum Law Group. He has continually practiced in the area of business litigation and transactions for over 30 years. He provides legal advice to a wide range of individuals and businesses, from local community associations and small businesses to multi-national corporations. His practice also includes attorney ethics, Internet and entertainment law. The Martindale Hubbell Legal Directory Rating Service has awarded Mr. Nissenbaum the highest professional peer review rating ("AV"). Click here to see a list of Mr. Nissenbaum's qualifications.

"When the internet began to impact our clients in a meaningful way in the mid-to-late 1990s, we saw an opportunity to develop the ability to provide legal advice in this area. We have continued to try to keep up with our clients' technology law needs, most recently making a full-court press to expand our practice into the area of gaming and apps." – Gary D. Nissenbaum via Gamesauce

  1. 3/1/18 Interview of Mr. Nissenbaum, Systematic, “The Psychodynamics of Lawyering with Gary Nissenbaum”
  2. 1/22/18 Interview of Mr. Nissenbaum, Game Dev Unchained, “The Indie Legal Guide With Gary Nissenbaum”
  3. 11/21/17 Interview of Mr. Nissenbaum, Podcasts, "Licensing Your Intellectual Property"
  4. 11/3/17 Interview of Mr. Nissenbaum, Developer Tea Podcast, "The Future (and Past) of Legal for Developers w/Gary Nissenbaum (part 1)"
  5. 11/3/17 Interview of Mr. Nissenbaum, Developer Tea Podcast, "The Future (and Past) of Legal for Developers w/Gary Nissenbaum (part 2)"
  6. 10/19/17 Interview of Mr. Nissenbaum, Complete Developer Podcast, "Developers and the Law"
  7. 10/13/17 Interview of Mr. Nissenbaum, Hansel Minutes Podcast, "Latest Developments in App and Website Law Regarding Clickable Terms and Conditions"
Digital Contributions & Mentions
  1. Gary D. Nissenbaum: Ace Gaming Attorney (Gamesauce)
  2. The Increasing Pace of Digital Change: Why Does Our Culture Always Seem so Blindsided? (The Huffington Post)
  3. Augmented Reality: Gotta Protect That IP (Apptentive)
  4. The intriguing legal ramifications of Pokémon GO (
  5. Supreme Court Hands Interim Victory To Spokeo Search Site (InformationWeek)
  6. BuzzFeed: Doctors Are Losing the Online Comments War (The Advisory Board)
  7. Insult And Injury: How Doctors Are Losing The War Against Trolls (BuzzFeed)
  8. Meet John Doe (ABA Journal)
Published Articles
  • Potential Legal Approaches to a Cyberbullying Case (Co-author), The Young Lawyer, American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, 2013
  • Receiving Classified Information: Government Secrecy and the Litigation Process (Co-author), NJ Lawyer Magazine, October 2009
  • Wrongful Posting on the Internet: The Privacy You Save Could be Your Own, NJ Lawyer Magazine, April, 2008
  • In the Arena: Litigating for the American Civil Liberties Union-NJ, NJ Lawyer, December, 2007
  • Pitfalls in Collecting a Judgment Against Individual Partners of a Partnership, The Independent Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors, Fall, 1994
  • The Legal Ramifications of Computer Outsourcing, Legal Tech Newsletter, December, 1994
  • 900 Numbers Come of Age, Communications Managers Association Review, Winter, 1984
  • How to Sharpen Your Contract Clauses, Telemarketing Magazine, May, 1994
  • Stop Look and Listen: Selected Defenses to the New Jersey Frivolous Lawsuit Statute, 20 Seton Hall Law Review 184, 1989
  • Challenges Ahead for Frivolous Lawsuit Statute, 124 N.J.L.J. 837, October 5, 1989
  • AIDS: Employer/Physician Duty to Tell Third Parties, New Jersey Medicine, January/February, 1989

Laura J. Magedoff, Esq.

Ms. Magedoff is a principal of Nissenbaum Law Group, LLC. She heads up the firm's transactional practice, handling all aspects of representing clients from small businesses to multi-national corporations and their United States subsidiaries. Ms. Magedoff's practice includes drafting and negotiating transactional documents such as buy/sell contracts, financing agreements, corporate resolutions, employment manuals and agreements, commercial lease agreements, privacy policies, website disclaimers, intellectual property licensing agreements and terms and conditions for apps. Click here to see a list of Ms. Magedoff's qualifications.

"An integral part of the value of an augmented reality app is also its licensing potential. Strengthening the intellectual property rights is a critical part of maximizing that licensing value for the developer." – Laura J. Mageoff, Esp. via Apptentive

Digital Contributions & Mentions
  1. Augmented Reality: Gotta Protect That IP (Apptentive)
  2. Five Nights at Freddy's Creator Gets a Subpoena to Find Out Who Ripped Off His Game (Yahoo / Polygon)
  3. 'Five Night's At Freddy's' Case Could Be Huge For The Future Of The App Store (Forbes)
Published Articles
  • Potential Legal Approaches to a Cyberbullying Case (Co-author), The Young Lawyer, American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, 2013
  • New York County Lawyer's Association, EMIPS Committee Comments to New York State Bar Association Report of the Privacy Task Force, Contributing Author, March 2009
  • It's All Smoke and Mirrors: State Smoking Bans and Theatrical Performances, AACT Spotlight, November, December 2008
  • Debunking the Delaware Myth: New Jersey Proves to be a Sufficient Place for Incorporation, NJ Law Journal, August 2008
  • Wrongful Posting on the Internet: The Privacy You Save Could be Your Own, NJ Lawyer Magazine, April, 2008
  • Pay or Play? The Jeremy Bloom Decision and NCAA Amateurism Rules, 13 FORDHAM INTELL. PROP. MEDIA & ENT. L.J. 673 (2003)

Steven L. Procaccini, Esq.

Mr. Procaccini is of counsel to the Nissenbaum Law Group, LLC. He brings extensive experience in commercial litigation in the State and Federal courts, having represented clients in fraud and negligence litigation, as well as matters involving patent, trademark, copyright and unfair competition. He is affiliated with the John C. Lifland Inn of Court (Barrister) and the NJ Intellectual Property Association. Mr. Procaccini’s practice areas include, among others, Internet and technology, intellectual property, construction and nonprofit law. Click here to see a list of Mr. Procaccini’s qualifications.

Digital Contributions & Mentions
  1. NJ Panel Sinks Anonymity Bid in Defamation Suit (Law 360)
  2. Controversy engulfs Ridgewood church; officials praise deeds; ex-members call it a cult (
Published Case

Chris Ellis Jr., Esq.

Mr. Ellis is an associate of the Nissenbaum Law Group, LLC. His practice encompasses the firm’s litigation and transactional practice. As a member of both the New Jersey and New York bars, Mr. Ellis has represented business clients in complex commercial litigation on the State and Federal Court level. He is well versed in commercial disputes and complex intellectual property matters. Click here to see a list of Mr. Ellis’ qualifications.

Published Articles

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