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The Nissenbaum Law Group has been located in Union, NJ for nearly its entire existence. Indeed, the firm’s New Jersey office is the flagship location for its practice. Its managing attorney, Mr. Nissenbaum, has spent virtually his whole life in New Jersey, having attended Rutgers Law School in Newark and having been trained at some of the largest law firms in the state.

New Jersey is a center of commerce, not only in the northeast region of the country, but in many cases is integral to commerce nationwide. It also has one of the most well-respected state court systems in the United States. Decisions of the New Jersey Supreme Court are routinely cited throughout the country as precedent for groundbreaking changes in the law. However, the firm has not limited itself to that state. It has grown its commercial boutique practice to include offices in New York (Manhattan), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), and Texas (Dallas). Indeed, in many instances, the firm has even expanded its reach into other states throughout the nation by utilizing the prevailing multi-state jurisdiction rules or obtaining permission of courts in those jurisdictions for particular cases.

Serving business clients is an undertaking that must be nation-wide because commerce does not recognize state borders. In order for a commercial practice to be responsive to the business community’s needs, it must be able to have a reach that extends coast to coast (and perhaps beyond). The Nissenbaum Law Group has taken on this challenge.

To view videos regarding the Nissenbaum Law Group’s practice areas, click here. The practice of law is about meeting the needs of individual clients. That includes relatively simple things like making it a priority to return clients’ phone calls and emails. The Nissenbaum Law Group views its clients holistically; it does not limit its representation to simply addressing the acute legal issues of the day, but the larger context of how those issues impact the actual people involved. In short, the firm’s attorneys and paralegals treat their clients as the former would want to be treated.

Nissenbaum Law Group Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation
The Nissenbaum Law Group represents clients in the federal, state and administrative law courts respecting a variety of legal areas. This includes everything from breach of contract and fraud to interference with economic advantage, from infringement of copyright and trademark rights to the enforcement of trade secret agreements. The firm’s approach to litigation is straightforward: it does not rely on simplistic forms, but instead customizes its work product to meet the specific legal strategy for each matter. It seeks to involve its clients in a collaborative effort to determine a customized approach that will suit their needs.

Drafting Legal Agreements
The firm has experience in drafting a variety of legal documents, including business purchase or sale agreements, employment and severance agreements, trade secret agreements and assignment of intellectual property agreements, click-through e-commerce agreements and so forth. The firm seeks to draft its contracts so that they comport with the clients’ particular aims and objectives. This may mean that in certain instances, a contract for the same transaction might be drafted as a one to two page document, and in others, might be a dozen pages long. The idea is not so much to focus on how long the contract ends up being, but whether a shorter or longer contract will better serve that client in that particular transaction.

International Law
The firm has handled a number of transactions and litigation matters for clients in the European Union and other areas of the world who have subsidiaries in the United States. Some of those engagements have involved businesses that are just starting to consider whether there is a place for them in the American market, and others, legal matters confronting subsidiaries that have been doing business in the U.S. for decades. The needs of foreign companies doing business domestically can be somewhat atypical. For example, there are federal government filings that must be made each year; import/export issues that relate to foreign products sold in the U.S.; and treaties, such as the Hague Convention, that expand the jurisdictional reach of lawsuits filed in the United States against companies in foreign countries.

Trademark, Copyright, and Contractual Intellectual Property
Given that so much of the United States’ economy is focused in the area of digital commerce, there has been a tremendous increase in legal matters revolving around copyright, trademark and contractually-based intellectual property protections (such as trade secret). Indeed, there have been a number of statutory and regulatory changes in this regard not only domestically, but also outside the borders of the United States. Given the Internet’s reach, legal developments on the other side of the globe can have a major impact on e-commerce in the United States. The Nissenbaum Law Group has developed a deep concentration in this area of the law.

Sports and Entertainment
Given the firm’s focus on intellectual property law, it has also found that a number of the matters it has been asked to handle relate to the six areas of entertainment law: film, television, music, literary, modeling and the largest of all, apps/video games. The firm has even developed an area of focus in commercial licensing law (apparel, toys, books, film, etc.) concerning its video and app clients. The firm also focuses in sports law. This includes representing clients from an NCAA sports conference to a national governing body of an Olympic sport.

Digital and Information Technology Law
The practice of digital law spans everything from website terms and conditions and privacy policies to intellectual property infringement regarding trademarks and copyrights for digital platforms. There are serious issues that confront digital businesses that are often less critical for a parochial bricks and mortar venture. For example, e-commerce companies need to address legal issues concerning privacy, domestic and international infringement, and risk allocation (such as, for example, indemnification rights with foreign actors). The Nissenbaum Law Group not only maintains a robust practices in this area of the law, but also provides the public at large with a variety of information about it through podcasts and blogs.

Real Estate Matters Involving Construction, Purchase/Sale, and Condominium Law
Commercial real estate transactions are an integral part of a business law practice. The firm not only handles commercial real estate, lease and sale transactions, but also the environmental, land use and regulatory issues that are often bound up in those transactions. The firm also represents condominium associations and has broad experience in the unique aspects of the law that relate to such clients.

Renewable Technology Law
The growth of green technology and the related regulation of companies providing renewable sources of energy have created a pressing need for law firms with experience in this area. The Nissenbaum Law Group has represented many such clients, with an emphasis on solar energy. The firm also has sought to work on clean nuclear energy initiatives, and has put out a series of podcasts on such items as vertical farming and carbon capture.

Employer/Employee Law
One of the fastest growing areas of the law relates to the protections for employees—and related requirements for employers—concerning the rights and responsibilities of people in a workplace environment. The firm represents both employers and employees in a variety of such employment matters, including employment agreements, trade secret agreements, regulatory issues, lawsuits and administrative hearings.

Franchise Law & Small Businesses
The firm has handled a number of contested matters concerning disputes over franchise agreements. These have included everything from alleging that the franchise agreement was breached to asserting defenses related to the actions or inactions of the franchisor. Since this is such a highly regulated area, there is a pressing need for legal representation to prevent an inadvertent violation of these legal requirements. The Nissenbaum Law Group also focuses on representing start-ups and small businesses that need guidance on how to begin and grow their venture.

Nonprofit and Social Justice Law
The growth of the nonprofit sector has engendered a commensurate need for commercial attorneys who are familiar with the various IRS filings that are necessary to start such a venture, as well as the unique legal restrictions on a nonprofit’s activities. This ranges from trustee conflicts of interest to the calculation of compensation for those running the organization. 

The Nissenbaum Law Group has committed itself to helping nonprofits help others.

Attorney Ethics Defense
For well over a decade, the Nissenbaum Law Group has defended attorneys accused of ethical infractions. This area of the firm’s practice has grown significantly over that period and includes the full spectrum of such matters: from attorney trust account audits to ethics complaints relating to banking transactions; from one-time minor misconduct to disbarment proceedings. When facing an ethics grievance or complaint, it is critical that an attorney have an attorney. The Nissenbaum Law Group will take on such representation.

How Do I Contact The Nissenbaum Law Group’s Union, NJ Office?

The firm’s Union, NJ office hours are from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, by appointment. Its team of attorneys are also available to communicate with clients outside of the firm’s normal business hours.

There are a few ways to contact the attorneys at the firm’s Union, NJ location. The office address is 2400 Morris Avenue (Suite 301), Union, NJ 07083. The phone number is (908) 686-8000, and the fax number is (908) 686-8550. The firm endeavors to return its clients’ phone calls generally within 24 hours or less and can be reached off hours at (888) 203-6423 or via email at gdn@gdnlaw.com. It can also be reached via the contact form below.

How Do I Get To The Union, NJ Law Office?

Directions to Our Union, NJ Location:

From the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway North – From the NJ Turnpike North, take exit 14 or from the Garden State Parkway North, take exit 140. After either exit, look for signs for Route 22 West. Proceed on it for about ten minutes until you see the Union Plaza Diner on the left. Take a right onto Springfield Road which becomes Liberty Avenue and proceed to the first major four-way intersection (which is Morris Avenue), at which you will see a gas station to the right. Take a right turn onto Morris Avenue and proceed for about one mile to building 2400 which is on the right side. It is a block past the Huck Finn Diner (on the left) and just before the Manhattan Lighting Company (on the right).

From the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway South – From the New Jersey Turnpike South, take Exit 14. From the Garden State Parkway South, take Exit 140-A. Proceed onto Route 22 West. Follow directions above.

From Route 287 – Take the exit for Route 22 East. Stay on it for about one half hour and proceed to the Union. Make a U-turn on the left hand side of the road just after PC Richards in the center lane. Move into the right lane and make a right turn onto Springfield Road, which is just after the Union Plaza Diner on the left. Proceed as above.

From New York City (via NJ Transit) – From New York City Port Authority, take NJ Transit Bus #114 bound for Bridgewater. There is a stop across from the firm’s office, 2400 Morris Avenue. The stop is at the intersection of Lousons Street and Morris Avenue (as you pass a CVS on your right, request the next stop). The firm is across the street and down half a block.

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Contact the Nissenbaum Law Group to schedule an appointment at 908-686-8000 or feel free to use the following form to e-mail us. Please include as much information as you can to ensure that we are able to handle your request as quickly as possible.

Looking for advice?

We're here to help.

Contact the Nissenbaum Law Group to schedule an appointment at 908-686-8000 or feel free to use the following form to e-mail us. Please include as much information as you can to ensure that we are able to handle your request as quickly as possible.

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